UltraCell Applications

Communication is a key element in any successful relief operation and it is especially important in emergency situations. During Hurricane Katrina, the communications infrastructure in New Orleans was destroyed and power was not available in the most devastated areas. Disaster relief agencies were reliant on portable radios to coordinate their efforts, but the batteries on these devices lasted only a couple of hours. There was no power source to recharge these batteries and it was a logistical challenge to deliver new batteries to relief workers.

Similar situations occur while firefighting large, forested areas. Fire departments drop radio repeaters in strategic locations to increase the range of communication for their firefighters. These repeaters typically run on large batteries and may last a couple days, but the units are left behind once the batteries die.

UltraCell LLC has teamed up with major emergency radio manufacturers to provide power solutions for portable radio battery chargers and field repeaters in emergency situations.

One example of this collaboration is an off the grid power solution that:

  • Charges up to six tactical radio batteries simultaneously.

  • Includes two rugged UltraCell XX25 fuel cell systems combined with one 150 Watt-hour battery to deliver 120 Watts of peak power, 50 Watts of average continuous power.

  • Runs one week or longer on a single fuel tank, which is replaceable for longer runtime.

  • Includes two cigarette lighter adapter receptacles to power additional equipment such as laptops and other communications gear.

Runtime Graph

For more information on increased wattage and extended run time solutions, contact UltraCell Sales.

UltraCell XX25™ fuel cell powering a field repeater

UltraCell XX25™ fuel cell powering a field repeater

UltraCell system integrated with a multi-unit battery charger (MUC)

UltraCell system integrated with a multi-unit battery charger (MUC)